The minimally invasive, recommended first-line treatment for immediate protection against VUR grades II-IV

Evidence indicated that endoscopic injection is effective for the treatment of most VUR, while emphasizing the importance of pre-operative reflux grade and structural/functional bladder abnormalities in ultimate treatment success.

Patients undergoing successful Deflux treatment receive immediate protection against further reflux associated renal damage, without the need for adherence to a long-term treatment regimen and continued reflux testing.

Endoscopic treatment with Deflux not only approached success rates of open repair but offers significant advantages to patients and parents: outpatient surgery, lower morbidity (e.g., pain, scar), fewer complications and reduced cost.

Deflux® is a viscous gel easily injected in or around the ureteral opening to create a valve function and stop urine from flowing back up from the bladder in children with VUR. The gel is made from two polysaccharides that have been in medical use for over two decades: Non-Animal Stabilised Hyaluronic Acid (NASHA®) and dextranomer (Dx) microspheres. The NASHA in Deflux has been used in more than 40 million procedures worldwide.

Deflux is injected submucosally in the urinary bladder in proximity to the ureteral orifice or in the distal ureter. The injection of Deflux creates increased tissue bulk thereby providing coaptation of the distal ureter during filling and contraction of the bladder. The dextranomer microspheres are gradually surrounded by host connective tissue at the implant site.


  • Deflux has been used for the treatment of VUR for over two decades with no reported persistent adverse events that are attributable to its use. The procedure itself is well tolerated with a low risk of associated complications
  • Treatment was shown durable and effective in grade IV VUR during a follow-up period of 15-25 years
  • One-time treatment with Deflux has been proven effective in up to 93% of children with VUR grades II-1V
  • Less than 4% of patients experienced mild pain in their flank immediately after treatment
  • Over time, the gel combines with fibroblasts and collagen which stabilise the position and size of the implant
  • Long-term follow up revealed 94% of parents were highly satisfied with Deflux


  • Indicated for VUR
  • Offers an immediate cure, independent of patient compliance
  • Minimally invasive, outpatient procedure that takes approximately 15 minutes
  • Requires short-acting general anaesthesia
  • Children can return to normal activity the next day